I'm the kind of person who.

17 JANUARY 2016

I'm the kind of person who ...
... Gets interested to learn more things about her faith.
... Is aware about her duties and fulfills them 
... Is happy with her body image but still wants to improve 
... Workouts every day and eats clean 
... Makes all her best to achieve her goals, in every aspect of her life 
... Spends time with her loved ones. 
... Makes her personal developement something important in her daily life.
... Is aware of her weakness and learns to live with them. 
... Is happy, and aproachs each day as a new oportunity to change and improve.

Another way to set your new years resolutions, picturing the person you want to be this year,  inspired by this video of Rachel Aust.


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Inspiring art. Inspiring beats : Matt Kivel

10 JANUARY 2016

uplifting and inspiring beats.
fantasies that have turned into music.
after beat.
synchronized with my heart.
love. oh how much I love you.
and you?
you love me even more.


(written by Laila Baraa)


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Textures from Pamplona.

04 DECEMBER 2015

Small things make me wonder. Small things make me think and reflect. Details that go unoticed are important to me. They can be the source of something big. Details are what make something different, special. And this are details from Pamplona (Spain). You may not identify the city with these detaisl but you will for sure find it in here, you will find a different Pamplona, brought to you from the small things that she hides. Think big, but never forget the small things.



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Really important things.


really important things, that are indeed sacred for me.

the bond that is made through honesty and trust in a relationship.
letting go of those who no longer add value to your life.
time. time is sacred.

- something Leney inspired me to think about.

Chartres || Photo Diary

This Summer we went to Lille (France) to visit my family, we have always made this trip by car so it always turns out to be a fun roadtrip where we get to enjoy the beauty of small villages in France as we travel. This year we stopped a couple of hours to visit Chartres, the cathedral and beautiful views. Since I have studied the cathedral's architecture I was pretty excited to see it in person, and it was way bigger than I expected. A beautiful place I had the chance to visit.


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Pixel Patterns

I use photoshop almost weekly if not daily for my uni projects, it's a tool whithout which I could not do any of the work I get done. That's why the several times it suddenly stopped working I panicked like a freak. When I saw this tutorial on Noor's blog, and how beautiful it looked on the photos she shared I decided to try it by myself. I do not know if I will ever use this for anything in particular but I did enjoy myself while doing them. And I do like how it looks in the end. 

The images I used to try this are from the beautiful country of Morocco, from the photograph James Clear

To know how to put the pattern on the photos check Noor's post on her blog. She also shares with us some links to some patterns we can use, which I definitelly used!


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