#2 Bedroom Makeover: Painting.

Two months or so ago I decided I wanted to paint my room in white, and if you haven't seen it, here is the post I made with some white bedroom inspiration. So Two months ago I did paint my room white, I went from having a ligh lilac in my walls to a complete white look. Some friends told me I would get bored of not having any colour on my walls, but until now I'm loving it. 

I sadly don't have many pictures of the process of painting except for these two. I just wanted to update you in this journey because it seems I have forgoten, and I haven't. I was on my holidays away from home (more of this on another post) so the process of updating my room stopped for a while. 

Now, I've made some DIY, changed the organization of some parts of room, and I will show you all of this in the upcoming weeks. My 'motto' for this change was to keep it simple and keep it clean. Why? Because in situations of stress, or when I have a lot of work to do, my room starts becoming a mess, and having clean walls around me allows me to look there without feeling overwhelmed.


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What I'm looking for: Fall 2014.

My Summer Holidays have finished this week, I'm back again to my rutine of going to university every day. Even if I get tired of it, even if I complain about it, I am for sure, still thankfull for the oportunity I know I have. Thank God for it. 

Summer isn't over yet, but with the academic year being back again I feel like the season is fading away. I will miss and look for the sunny days, the evenings spent with my friends, the trips with my family but I'm also looking for the signs of Fall.

Fall is oficially arriving soon, and it has always been a beautiful season for me. A transition from hot to cold. The middle one. And here I wanted to share with you all some things I'm looking for from Fall.

1. Rainy and Stormy days. Days in which I'm at home, in silence, looking the rain falling from the sky.

2. The cold wind hitting my cheecks, making them turn red without the need of make up. Natural blush as I call it.

3. Being able to wear tons of layer and still feel the cold within myself. Embracing it as  part of me.

4. The feeling of not wanting to leave my warm bed in the mornings.

5. Hot meals. Hot chocolate.

What is your favourite season? Is there something you love from fall? Let me know in the comment section!


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#2 Mood Board: Citizen of the World.

She was free in her wildness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water. She belonged to no man and to no city.
― Roman Payne, The Wanderess




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Weekly Architecture One.

 Chiyodanomori Dental Clinic by Hironaka Ogawa and Associates

Function: dental clinic (+private house)
Location: Gunma, Japan
Structure: wood frame
Completed date: 2011
Photography: Daici Ano

I love this place. The perfect geometrical spaces, the all white atmosphere that allows you to feel a deep calm going inside you (I know I haven't been there but I know that's how I would feel if I was there) Those big windows that makes the space even more wide and perfect. This is a dental clinic as well as a house. A dental clininc this beautiful? I'm definitelly going there even if I had panic for dentists. 

Now this is how the architect describes his project.

"The clinic and a part of the housing have different ceiling heights created by the slanted roof, and the courtyards’ varying depth creates natural light gradations. Therefore, there would be diversities in spaces. The plan is fairly ruled by a 2.7m grid. However, one can experience diverse feelings in each and every space because of the dissimilarities in each cell heights, natural lighting, and volume. While aiming for a functional and rational plan, I encountered ambiguous relationships between outside and inside conditions that generated a mysterious depth in the space. The diversity in light and space was created unintentionally by the fifty-five cells inside of the structure."

Architect's website: 


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How to: Potato and Marrow Purée

My diet, a healty diet. A 'green diet' I would say. If you ask me, 90% of the food I eat are vegetables, fruits and legumes. I don't eat much meat or fish, mainly because my mother doesn't buy it. She isn't vegetarian or anything, we just got used to not eating much meat, maybe once or twice a month, and whenever I have to eat meat almost daily I feel heavier, I don't feel myself. I know some of you have the opinion that I need the proteins that come with meat and fish, but I don't think my bodie craves for them. I've grown up like this, I got used to it.

But at the same time, even if I eat so many vegetables I don't like them, let's say, I don't like 'their looks', 'their colour' so what my mum has done for all this year, and keeps doing, and I will do with my kids in the future, is mix the vegetables and make a pureé. That way I eat vegetables and I eat healthy.

So let's get to the main topic of today, this tasty and beautiful recipe of a pureé we eat this week. Here are the main ingredients. 

DISCLAIMER: I'm not used to write recipes and neither am I with meassures, Depending on how many of each vegetable you use it will taste one way or another, This was made for 5 persons and it was enough for small doses, we couldn't eat a second plate.

I used only three tbsp of olive oil and it wasn't enough, so feel free to add more, the more oil the better. And about salt, it's up to you, I used two tbsp but it depends on what you like. I you prefer it more salty then add some more.


Put the pieces of the vegetables on a casserole and add water, I didn't fill the whole casserole that's why there wasn't enough for us five. What happened is that I though it was enough water, but the fact is that the vegetables will absorb a good amount of water, and some other will evaporate, so if you think you have used too much water don't worry, you haven't.
So this is the end result, a great and easy way to eat vegetables and stay healthy, specially if you are a persone that doesn't like them very much. Enjoy and let me know if you ever try it!


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Landscapes by Leigh Wells




Sometimes I find inspiration for my architectural projects from the strangest things, meaning that sometimes the end result doesn't have anything to do with the source. I may read something, contemplate a photography, a sculpture or a piece of art and then an idea comes to my mind. 

From this pieces of art by Leigh Wells called 'Landscapes', I could get inspired by the collage method instead of the topic, or by the combination of textures and colours which I may implement in the interior spaces I will have to design, or maybe the way the mountains are mixed with other things and still have a good atmosphere emerging from them. 

I'm lately loving this kind of inspiration, through art, through things that aren't related to architecture but which lead me to architectural solutions. This way the journey of designing the space gets more interesting, I get to find new and amazing artist as well as learn new ways of contemplating different kind of things.


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