Beautifully made.

"I have a dream. I smile. I walk and I cry."

KAPLINSKI from Benjamin Seroussi on Vimeo.

"I wonder. Sometimes I just wonder."


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TERUEL, Spain || Photo Diary.


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Words that Inspire: one

Imagination. Conscience. Self-awareness.

There are many times in our life in which we feel like we don't control our life, like it isn't going the way we wanted it to go. Sometimes we don't know how to get out of that live cicle that it's ruining us. I can't tell you what to do in order to control your life because I have to figure it out for myself too, but there are some fields in which we have to stand out, we have to speak for ourselves without letting our voice fade into 'what the rest say'. 

Things as our beliefs can't be put into a mold, every one of us has a mind, a different mind, let it speak for itself. Don't hesitate when sharing your true self, only two things can happend and both of them are good for you: some people will leave you because they don't like you, others will stay because they do like you. Either way you win, because you saty with those who know who you really are and respect and like you for that.

One thing is true, when you live by your beliefs and morals, when you show the world who you really are without caring about the people telling you to not do it. At that point I'm sure you will feel that your life is starting to be in your hands and not in the hands of society.


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#1 Bedroom Makeover: Inspiration.






source of the pictures: tumblr. 

 I decided that I wanted to make a makover for my bedroom. Every Summer we paint the house and I'm taking that chance to change some things in my bedroom, adding shelves, buying new items to decorate or for storage (which I really need since I'm accumulanting a lot of things from this years of university)  but every time we paint the house I have stayed with the same shade of colour on my walls: lillac.

This year I decided I wanted to make a big change, painting the walls in white. A more pure and minimalistic look. I have developed a love for white and minimalistic things, whether it's architecture, interiors, clothes, digital desing. So it was about time that my bedroom would turn into white. 

It wont be a total white look since I have a wooden floor and not all my furniture is white. But, it will be a conbination of white, wood and lillac. White walls and some white furniturr. The wooden floor and other wooden furnitur and finally some touch of colour given buy some decoration items.

Update: While you read this post I'll be painting my room.

xx, Laila


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It's all about dresses || Mango 'nd' Zara


It's sales season here in Spain, I guess in almost the rest of the world it's too. I've gone shoping three times since the sales started, I will show you what I bough later on this week,looking for mostly confortable clothing that will serve me for this Summer but especially for next university year. It's ironic how even if we are in Summer most of the clothes you see in sales are for fall and winter, at the end I think it may be good, that way you will be ready when fall starts.

Today I'm showing you my 'sales whishlist' of dresses I want to buy. They seem confortable, I like the cut each one of them has, the colour and the design. One of the best thing is that they aren't sleeveless so that way I don't need to wear any aditional piece of cloth to hide my arms. And with the lengh, well, a pair of jeans will make its job.



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Starting my Summer Holidays with the right foot.

Even if Summer officially started less than a month ago my Summer Holidays started with July and it was about time that I sat down to write a Bucket List of things to do this Summer. These months are the perfect time to relax and do nothing, but when doing nothing becomes your routine you end up being tired all day, going from your bed to the sofa with no desire to go out and enjoy the good weather. I used to be one of those kind of person, I used to think that these months were meant to do nothing since I had enough with the rest of the months spending time with my school homeworks. 

Now my point of view has changed. Having things to do on Summer doesn't mean you will be stressed because you will be the one choosing what to do and most of the times, those things will make you spend time doing things you love, enjoying yourself. I decided not to make my list to long in oder to make sure I end up doing all the stuff, in order to make sure I spend as much time as I can doing what I enjoy. And this way I wil leave room to unexpected things that I'm sure will make my holidays even better. 

1// Read this three books:
The Wise Man's Fear  by Patrick Rothfuss. I have already read the first book of this series so I want to go through this one too.
The Kite Runner by Khaled Khosseini. After reading and loving A Thousand Splendid Suns I can't wait to read this book which I've heard it's so beautiful.
 In the Land of the Long White Cloud by Sarah Lark.
2//Plan my study time + Stick to it + Pass the two subjects I left for September (which means I will pass clean to the  3rd year of architcture, yes!) 

3//Follow The Begginer's Workout Calendar from Blogilates daily. (check it out here)

4//Remodel my bedroom by:
Experience with white walls.
Change my bed (like this one from ikea, or similar) 
Paint some old furniture in white
5//Sunbathe 30 min daily. I'm not a person who gets a tan easily, neither I like to spend hours under the sun doing nothing, but I do know that some colour doesn't make any harm and since taking vitamin D is something important to our health I'm putting this on my bucket list.

6//Cook by myself at least 3 meals/deserts this Summer.

7//Have a smoothie for breakfast every day.

8//Watch the previous seasons of Criminal Minds before the 10th starts this Fall.

9//Start at Gratitude Journal. (Inspired by this post)

What's in your bucket list for this Summer? Do you have any special things you want to acomplish during these months? Let me know in the comments below, I will be glad to interact with you all.


PT: The Photographies used are modified by me, to find the original ones go to : Carly Brown Photography


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