Summer break.

Today's sunset in Angoulême (France)

As the sun sets in the city of Angoulême (France) I'm here to tell you that I'm taking this month of August (also first 10 days of September, because you know, I have some uni exams then) off blogging. As you now know I'm going on a roadtrip from the north of Spain to the north of France (my destination as it is where my family lives) I want to fully enjoy these almost two weeks I'm staying here and when I'm back I'll be spending almost all my days in the library studying for two subjects I have to pass in September. 

I still have to show you photos of the trips I've made this last month of July, and I also have so many other post ideas I'm working on but to which I want to dedicate myself fully. 

I'll be back with my energy and inspiration levels all charged, full of post for the blog, in the mean time, enjoy your holiday's break if you have it, and if not make yourself some time in your busy daily life to enjoy the beautiful things that are going on around you.


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Eid Mubarak '15|| Photo diary

Photo of the muslims praying the Eid prayer.

Me and my dear friends. From left to right: Karima, me, Zainab and Latifa.

The 17th of July almost all muslims around the world celebrated the end of the Holy month of Ramadan. Some time later I'm sharing with you some, two, photos of my Eid day. It was a great day were I was able to spend time with my closest friends, I also met some other friends I hadn't seen in a while which was pretty nice. It always amazes me the diversite of muslims that show up to pray the Eid prayer, different cultures, different ways of dressing. It's beyond beautiful.

I'm not sharing too many photos because I'm sure that some of the people photographed prefer not to show up. But it's also because I spent the time enjoying the beautiful day instead of taking care of taking photos. Hope you also had an amazing Eid day, and if you don't celebrate it, I hope you had an amazing 17th of July.


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#1. Lists

Talents I Want To Acquire
Actually following my to do lists after I write them.
Stillness. Being able to enjoy every moment of my day.
Turn my commute hours into my me time. No social media, no music. Just my thoughs getting ready for another working day.
Being able to open up to those who really love me without feeling I'm giving them more problems to handle

Talents I Have Acquired
Loving myself more.
Being able to handle my 'I'm making my own problems' situation.
Being able to control my thoughs, I tend to make a lot of stories in my mind.I have really great orientation when I'm out on the street, you only have to show me the way once, I wont get lost.
I stopped drinking coffee, it didn't keep me awake.

Things I Wish I Liked But Don't Really Until I'm Actually Doing Them
Working out on myt static bike.
House cleaning (but it also depends on my mood)
Talking to strangers.

Weird Things I Do In Public/Things I Do That Are Maybe Not Really Socially Acceptable 

Ignore 98% of my Facebook friend requests
Bitting my nails.
Staring at people whose way of 'being' gets my attention.
Playing with random kids that keep staring at me on the bus.
Reading the Quran.
Things I Kind of Don't Really Care About

Getting my driving license.
What close minded people think about the way I dress, aka the scarf on my head.
Not wearing make up at all whenever I go out.
Not having tons of pair of shoes.
My weight. (I do care about being healthy and fit, but I don't weight myself, If I like how I look I don't care about a number)

Things I Want To Make More Time For

Painting with watercolor.
Some 'me time'.
Spending more time with my mother.
Inspired by Leney 


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#6 Mood Board ~July '15

Have a mind that is open to everything, and attached to nothing.”


images found on tumblr - check mine

Green. Blue. Sunny early mornings. Days outside, at the beach, in the street, feeling the nature. Fresh. New. Calm and Relax.


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New In: Summer Sale Shopping.

T-shirts from ZARA
White scarf from STRADIVARIOUS
bag from MISAKO

Summer season also means summer sales, it's also the perfect time for me to go shopping since I have more free and relaxed time. No time spent in and going to university classes. I don't buy that many things, and most of the things I buy I basics, but hey, an outfit can shine just by the way you style it! 


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Apartament tour | Gisèle d’Ailly van Waterschoot van der Gracht

"Gisèle d’Ailly van Waterschoot van der Gracht is a woman of the castle. She never learned how to use a stove or how to prepare fried eggs. She simply never had to learn it. She let herself be carried away by the stillness of thick brick walls. Peeling paint from the ceiling, men hiding in the structure of ornaments, fluttering of bird wings, fish bone revealing hooded figures.

Gisèle just turned 100 years old and looks back at a fascinating life. As a child living in the USA she played with Punka-Indian friends, eccentric uncles and aunts dominated everyday life at the Austrian family castle, she made numerous paint glass windows for churches, ships, and monasteries. She provided shelter to Jewish Germans during WWII, befriended great artists and writers like Max Beckmann, Adriaan Roland Holst, and Aldous Huxley. For years she lived and worked in Greece, but returned to her canal house in Amsterdam Castrum Peregrini, where she still resides today. Living the life of an artist, Gisèle is a woman of imagination. She still finds herself wondered by this world."



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