road trip with friends | summer '16

 24 JULY 2016

creo que fue en mi décimo octavo cumpleaños cuando decidí empezar una lista de 'deseos', de objetivos o cosas que quería conseguir a lo largo de mi vida. cada año que cumplía un nuevo objetivo se añadía a la lista. ya son veintidós y contando. de la misma manera en la que yo cambio y evoluciono también lo hace la lista, es algo natural, orgánico. 

a principios de este mes, julio del dos mil dieciséis, me fui en un viaje por carretera con mis buenos amigos de la universidad. fuimos al norte de aragón con la intención de visitar pueblos y parajes naturales, de disfrutar de la naturaleza y del viaje en sí mismo. y así es como conseguí tachar y realizar una cosa de esa lista. lista que podéis ver aquí o en la pestaña de 'life goals' que hay debajo del header del blog.

un viaje de mínimos, fue un logro conseguir encontrar una fecha que nos viniera bien a los seis, además de un destino que se acomodara a nuestro presupuesto y deseos. lo conseguimos y fue una experiencia que guardare con mucho cariño. los pequeños viajes también pueden ser muy intensos. almudévar, alquezar, jaca, canfranc, sos del rey católico fueron los destinos a los que fuimos, disfrutamos de los pueblos y de sus alrededores. de la naturaleza y la civilización.

i think it was in my eighteenth birthday when i decided to start a list of 'wishes', goals or things i wanted to achive during my life. each year a new thing is added to the list. they are already twenty-two and counting. in the same way that i change and evolve so does the list, it is organic.

earlier this month, July of two thousand sixteen, i went on a road trip with my good friends from university. we went up north of Aragon intending to visit villages and natural sites, to enjoy nature and the journey itself. and that's how I got to cross out and make something of that list. a list that you can see here or on the tab 'life goals' beneath the header of the blog.

a trip of minimums, it was an achievement to find a date that fit all of us well, plus a destination that would fit our budget and desires. we got it and it was an experience that i will cherish over the years. small trips can also be very intense. almudévar alquezar, jaca, canfranc, sos del rey católico, were the destinations to which we went, we enjoyed the people and their surroundings. nature and civilization.

sunset at my friend's house in almudevar

the beautiful village of alquezar

still in alquezar

the river in canfranc

the view of the pyrenees

you can also check the travel vlog i made of this beautiful trip. you can't miss all this beautiful scenery!



18 JUNE 2016

it hurts when words become empty. overusing a word makes it meaningless. void replaces the beauty of a word correctly used.  things I will never say to you. things that don't actually matter. daily moods that change. 


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Lessons I will never stop learning.

01 MAY 2016

everything changes. everything around us changes. we change, our circumstances change. life changes, but some lessons remain the same, some of them remain immortal. they stay with us, as a constant reminder. today i would like to put into words some of those lessons that are and will always be there for me. lessons that i will learn and relearn, lessons that i will forget and remember once again.

i)love isn't meant to be difficult, it isn't meant to hurt. but it needs work, it needs constant care for it to work out. it is worth it if you want it to be. love gives you as much as you give in. but at the same time it's wise to know when to give up. 
ii)past traumas can really hurt your present and future life only if you let them. don't let them control your life, your emotions. realize why it hurt so much, who caused it. forgive yourself and those who hurt you, it isn't worth it to keep those emotions within you. 
iii)working hard it's difficult, but the crucial moment is 'starting'. put all your willpower on starting a task or project you have to do and once you are past the five first minutes you won't want to stop.  
iv)it can happen that something you love turns into something you are eventually hating, something that drains your mind out, on those moments think about why did you love it in the first time, what brought you to where you are. everything that you do has it's difficult side, it will be hard, but if you are passionate about it you will work pass those moments. 
v)relax, destress, connect with nature and your inner self. be thankful, meditate and pray. notice that there is so much bigger things that surround you. be mindful, enjoy the silence. this moments when you slow your life down will make you grow more than what you think. look for them often.


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On Sunday.

20 MARCH 2016

On Sunday "I will always choose love"*. I will always choose you. Our fingers touching, eyes closed. Dreaming. Daydreaming. With a sky full of stars, dots connected with lines. Two lifes collide, two souls in one. You and I.

*quote from Alex Elle


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I'm the kind of person who.

17 JANUARY 2016

I'm the kind of person who ...
... Gets interested to learn more things about her faith.
... Is aware about her duties and fulfills them 
... Is happy with her body image but still wants to improve 
... Workouts every day and eats clean 
... Makes all her best to achieve her goals, in every aspect of her life 
... Spends time with her loved ones. 
... Makes her personal developement something important in her daily life.
... Is aware of her weakness and learns to live with them. 
... Is happy, and aproachs each day as a new oportunity to change and improve.

Another way to set your new years resolutions, picturing the person you want to be this year,  inspired by this video of Rachel Aust.


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Inspiring art. Inspiring beats : Matt Kivel

10 JANUARY 2016

uplifting and inspiring beats.
fantasies that have turned into music.
after beat.
synchronized with my heart.
love. oh how much I love you.
and you?
you love me even more.


(written by Laila Baraa)


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