Audrey Hepburn and husband Mel Ferrer stop to take pictures on a country road outside Paris, 1956. Photographs by Michael Ochs


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# 3 Mood Boad: Winter Vibes.

I want to leave stains
and imprints of memories
in people’s lives.
I want to leave the illusion
of forever in people - 
for it to sink so deep
that they can’t help
but still remember me
when I’m no longer there.
— (NJ.)



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Life latelly.

daily life

1.  My life has been consummed by assigments, projects and exams. I'm in the third year of an Architecture degree, I haven't failed any subject so far but I have doubts. I won't give them attention because they don't deserve it, I'm sure I'm studying what I love but doubts come, especially in times of hardship and stress. Hard times come in everyone's life, hard moments are there for you to give your best, things I know and I should remember more. Because, 'After hardship, comes ease'{ Quran, 94:5}

2.  I'm getting into my own 'workout' journey. I'm geting used to workout, I'm loving how I feel with myself after I've had a workout session and the days I can't find time for it are kind of bad days for me. For all this I have to thank Cassey from Blogilates. I've found that what I love and what best works for my body is pilates. I should also do some cardio but one step at a time.

3. The last time I posted here was  almost two months ago, I apologize for that. What I have to say about it is that, my arm has healed very well, after three weeks I could use it as if nothing had happened. But I got inmersed in uni which didn't allow me to have much time to post. By the way, I'm being more carefull with rainy days now, after that fatal fall.

4. I went on an express trip to Lyon, France. Uni stuff, but I had the time to visit the city which was really beautiful. You will soon be able to see the pictures on a blog post.


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Weekly Architecture: two: CONCRETE.

MUSEU DES MOLINAR DE MONTUÏRI | Montuïri, Mallorca | 2004-present | TED'Architects


Los espacios arquitectónicos que transmiten emociones y sensaciones no son sólo aquellos que ya están acabados, aquellos en los que vemos los muebles y el suelo colocado así como las paredes pintadas. Los verdaderos y buenos espacios arquitectónicos son aquellos que mantienen su esencia en todas y cada una de sus fases: desde el prime croquis pasando por los planos, por la construcción y el resultado final.

Ver un espacio en plena construcción tiene su atractivo, lo ves al desnudo, con todos sus fallos al descubierto, 'fallos' que acaban convirtiéndose en un atractivo. Puedes ver el proceso de creación, cómo surge todo, cómo se mantiene todo. Tocar los materiales transmite sensaciones que no se pueden describir, sentir la textura, la temperatura; saber que el espacio no sería el mismo si en vez de hormigón se hubiera usado madera para las paredes. Porque ninguna elección es insignificante, aunque lo parezca.

Architectural spaces convey emotions and sensations to the ones standing in the middle, and not only the spaces that are already finished , those in which the furnitures have been set, but also the ones that are still being made. The good architectural spaces are those who keep their essence in all their fases: from the first sketch to the plans, withouth forgetting the construction proccess and of course the final result.

Contemplating a space that is still being made has it's attractiveness, you see it naked, with all its 'flaws' showing. 'Flaws' that will soon become something beautiful. You can see how things are being made, how everything is done, the ways everything is able to stand still. Touching the materials is an experience that I cannot describe, feeling the texture, the temperature; knowing that the space wouldn't be the same if instead of concrete the walls would have been made out of wood. The ligh wouldn't have been the same. 

Because at the end, no choice is insignificant, even if it seems like they are.

xx, Laila


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Words that Inspire: Four.

Take the risk

Try a thing you haven’t done three times. Once, to get over the fear of doing it. Twice, to learn how to do it. And a third time, to figure out whether you like it or not.

― Virgil Garnett Thomson

Having this quote in your mind whenever you are about to try something new will be very helpful, it will remind you that things wont go great the first time you try them, it will take time and that time will allow you to learn how to do it, to learn if it's worth it, to learn if you like it or not. Things have a proccess, a proccess that allows you not only to learn  but also to enjoy the act of learning.


Take a moment to breath and realice the great things you are involved in, the things you should get away from, and the ones that are waiting for you to take a step ahead. Life if short, make it worth it, make it count.


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Fashion Weeks' Street Style

We all like to spend our time going from one street style post to another, looking for fashion, and beauty, inspiration to our daily oufits. Because the truth is that streetstyle is, nowadays, the second runaway of the Fashion Shows. I'm not saying that I don't enjoy the Fashion Shows with all their collections, but I feel like the street style is a bigger source of inspiration. Although, lately the Fashion Brands have been showing outfits that are more easy to wear, and more easy to get inspiration from them, but that will be for another post.

Now, I let you enjoy and get inspiration from the street style pictures of some of the cities that hosted a Fashion Week this month.

New York Fashion Week.

Street Style Fashion Inspiration

London Fashion Week.

Milan Fashion Week.

Stockholm Fashion Week.


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