Words that inspire: seven

New day. New week. New Oportunites. New Chances. New Adventures. It's all upon you, don't miss this train, get inside with the best attitud and intentios. Aim to rule the world, aim to show them how much you are worth it. Share your knowledge with others, share ideas, share smiles. Be you.


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#6 Mood Board: February.


You don’t meet people by accident.
Love who you love while you have them. That’s all you can do. Let them go when you must. If you know how to love, you’ll never run out.
― Ann Brashares, My Name Is Memory

A song from Icelad. 



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#1 Latelly loving on : Instagram

Sharing others work and story is a great way to build a comunity. We are all out there, on the internet, sharing our talents, the things we have learn through life. We share our whole lives. We put ourselves out there sometimes without knowing what will happend. It's good to relate to someone from the outside, but sadly we will never know they whole story. 

But we can indeed gain inspiration from their work and talents, we can learn about the the experiences they had and share with us. This whole thing is great not only because you are able to put yourself out there, but because so many people do the same and you can connect with them.

So I wanted to share with you my favourites through the three social media sites that I use the most: Instagram, Tumblr and Youtube. And here is the first post of these three part series. Keep an eye for the next two ones.


She writes. She doesn't write poetry, but in fact she turns her personal experiences into poetry. Real things, real feeling that we all may have suffered. It's worth checking out, and of course it's worth following.


She's a Mexican architect sharing her ex`periences in life, her adventures, her project, the people she surrounds herself with through photos. Beautiful and inspirational photos.


I enjoy watching her life through this black and white lenses. So inspirational.

Her style is so on point, her naturality, couldn't be more in love with this girls and the photos she posts.

One of the many source of inspirations that can be found on instagram. It reflects what I like at this moment regarding style, lifestyle etc. It may not be your style but you should at least check it. Love the clean lines, the atmosphere, the predominant white colour in every of her photos.

Don't forget to check these ones too.

                            whoa.jo                                           eahmed7

             minavdt                                               mawwada

           sallyomo                                         rachelteetyler


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#1. At this moment: Stillness.

light, sun, bedroom,  sun, light, bedroom, window,

arm, me, body, sun, light arm, me, body, sun, light

At this very moment, I am…

Writing /    Writting a letter to a very good friend.
Watching /   The Sky through my window - Criminal Minds season 10
Drinking /   Water. 
Listening /  This playlist from 8 tracks.
Dreaming /   About my not so far future
Inspired /   To keep my blog moving.
Planning /   Nothing, I'm taking some days off working on university projects.
Loving /     Tumblr posts. Mine: ndshesmiles
Practicing / Stillness and minimalism in my daily life.
Mastering /  The art of comunication with my family.
Learning /   The meaning of love.
Reading /    Blogs about minimalism:into mind, the minimalistszen habits
Remembering/ Memories from my chilhood.
Wanting /    A better relationship with God
Working /    On my relatioship with God through prayer.
Excited /    About today's chat with my friends.


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Listening to latelly & New finds.


L I S T E N I N G    T O

1. Cheerleader - Felix Jaehn Remix Radio Edit. Omi.
2. Ugly Heart. G.R.L.
3. Live it up. Colbie Caillat.
4. Ummi thomma Ummi [My mother then my mother]
5. I can't stop drinking about you. Bebe Rexha.

N E W   F O U N D S

1. I Need My Girl - The National (Acoustic)
2. You are worth it - Cimorelli
3. Riber - Ibeyi


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Travel: The countryside. Spain.

A walk with my sisters on the country side, at our grandparents village. This is how Winter looks in some parts of Spain. Foggy, sometimes sunny. Colourless but with some pop of colours here and there. 

Cold but warm at the same time. Silence. Stillness. Calmness. 

Beautiful as always.


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