#gentlyreminder on monday: one

                                                                           12 SEPTIEMBRE 2016

"notes on partnership:

we've only been married for like 18 days but i swear it feels like lifetime, lool. in a good way, of course. i nver knew that partnership could be like this. nothing has really changed since officially tying the knot. if anything, we've become more silly and amused by one another. tyan is literally my best friend and the fun has just started. a lot of people ask me how i knew he was the one. it's always hard to answer because there are an abundance of reasons that i could share. however, the main one would have to be this: even after the infatuation of who he was and what he was to me wore off, i was still willing and ready to walk with him. 

what i have learned about being partnered is that it's easy to love someone through the good stuff. for me, the true love really showed face during our bad times. that always spoke volumes to me - our willingness to love regardless of how tough things were.

the vows we made to one another to stick it out when the sun shines, and when the rain purs, only further solidified the foundation we had already set.

i am super grateful for choosing love and confident that it will continue to flourish, grow and bloom. being in love with someone is a choice. a choice that must be made by both parties fully and wholeheartedly. 

i chose to be a partner. i chose to be a wife. i chose him as my husband. i'm beyond proud that we made it this far."

words by alex elle from her instagram


NOTE: this is a project to share every monday morning words of wisdom, gently reminders, notes on selfcare from people that have inspired me through this last year. a way to start the week in a good mood, loving ourselves and caring for the ones around us. a way to have a good and gentle monday. it's also a way that allows me to save this inspiring words somewhere to where i can come back and get inspired again. hope you find inspiration from this, hope you learn to love yourself through every moment.


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what is your personality like? | test

21 AUGUST 2016

la personalidad de la gente es algo que siempre me ha fascinado. la manera en que se comportan y por que lo hacen, el modo en que funciona su mente. cierto que no decidí estudiar psicología pero la curiosidad no evita que me encanten los test de personalidad y leer artículos o libros que tratan este tema de la mente. hace bastante leí este un post de 79ideas  sobre un test de personalidad que habia decidido hacer. hoy, mientras ordenaba mis bookmarks me volví a encontrar con el test y decidí volver hacerlo.

siendo sincera no me conozco muy bien a mi misma, tengo patrones de comportamiento, se como actúo y que esperar de mi en la mayoría de las situaciones de mi día a día o incluso en situaciones fuera de lo normal, pero a veces no me tomo el tiempo necesario para conocerme a mi misma más a fondo.

este test me ha ayudado. un test con 100 afirmaciones sobre tu personalidad y forma de actuar en ciertas ocasiones a las que tienes que decir cuanto estas de acuerdo o en desacuerdo con ellas. un test que no lleva más de 12 min.

It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for – and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing. It doesn’t interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool – for love – for your dreams – for the adventure of being alive.
Oriah Mountain Dreamer
Mi perfil es el de Campaigner(ENFP), aproximadamente solo un 7% de la población forma este grupo. "Campaigners son ferozmente independientes, y más que estabilidad y seguridad, ansían la creatividad y libertad." cierto es que leyendo los puntos fuertes y debilidades de este tipo de personalidad me he sentido identificada. lo mismo con los primeros porcentajes sobre tus respuestas en diferentes ámbitos. Pruébalo por ti mismo y a ver si te sorprendes y dime en los comentarios que tipo eres.


people's personalities is something that has always fascinated me. the way they behave and why they do what they do, how their mind works. Certainly I didn't decide to study psychology but my curiosity does not prevent me from taking personality tests and reading articles or books that address this issue. pretty ago I read this post of 79ideas on a personality test she had decided to do. Today, while ordering my bookmarks I turned to find the test and decided to do it again.

being honest I do not really know myself that well, I know my patterns of behavior, how I act and what to expect of me in most situations of my day to day or even in situations out of the ordinary, but sometimes I do not take the needed time to know myself more thoroughly.

This test has helped me. a test with 100 statements about your personality and how you act on certain occasions to have to say how much you agree or disagree with them. a test that takes no more than 12 min.

It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for – and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing. It doesn’t interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool – for love – for your dreams – for the adventure of being alive.
Oriah Mountain Dreamer
My profile is that of Campaigner (NEPT), approximately only 7% of the population form this group. "Campaigners are fiercely independent, and much more than stability and security, they crave creativity and freedom." truth is that reading the strengths and weaknesses of this type of personality I have felt identified with them. the same with the first percentages of your answers in different fields. Try it for yourself and see if you find yourself and tell me in the comments that you type.


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summer vibes | inspiration

14 AGOSTO 2016

this song, this colours, this pictures got me in a hype of summer vibes.



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inspirational finds | july 16

7 AUGUST 2016


> a post by Free People on 10 ways to use coconut oil. I've had my coconut oil on my drawer for a while and reading this post has really help to realize all the things i can do with it.
> a post by Camille Styles on 9 yoga moves that will improve your postureI've been doing yoga moves quite frecuently for the past two months, sometimes one week in a row. I'm really loving and enjoying it so i found this post on how yoga and a good posture is realted really interesting.
> a post by Camille Styles on why you should be meditating. We've seen it all over the place, meditation is a great thing for a healthy mind and every one has it's own way, for me my five daily prayers, not done in a rush, are a great way to desconect through the day. This post from Camille is really interesting.


> a post by Free People on the I'm here to grow mantra
> a post by Free People on why you don't have to do it all

this three post have really been a good read on a relaxing evening, something inspirational, that reminds me to either slow down and also be my best pursuing my goals. great reads to check.


> a post by her world plus on how often should you wash these 10 different types of clothing since decided to have a minimal wardrobe with only the things that fit me well and that i really enjoy wearing, knowing how to take good care of my clothes it's really important and this post has really helped me.


> I'vee loving the weekly vlogs that Mel and Steph from the Fashion Citizen have been doing. I love their personalities and the way they live their lives is so inspirational!
> this talk video of shopedelano about why do we glorify busynes? I like her reflections about life, the way she talks and how she edits her talks.
> The #31daysofthatschic by Rachel Nguyen from That's Chic she's daily vlogging through july and i can't be more happy, i'm sure you will find her a great and unice source of inspiration.


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my top five summer habits

31 JULY 2016

días de verano y con ellos vienen las 'actividades' de verano. hábitos que surgen, acciones que disfrutamos haciendo. hoy quería compartir los cinco hábitos que vengo haciendo casi diariamente estos días de verano.

para mí, estas vacaciones implican que tengo más tiempo para descansar y disfrutar de la vida y el tiempo libre. me toca reponer fuerzas después de un largo y duro año académico, por ello intento dormir un mínimo de ocho horas diarias, incluso me levanto sin alarma, es mi cuerpo quien decide.

mucho sol y días calurosos implican que hay que estar hidratados. beber dos litros de agua diariamente es un habito que me alegro estar cogiendo. mi intención es mantenerlo para siempre llegando incluso al punto en el que dejo de lado las bebidas gaseosas.

la comida. comida sana y ligera. la ciudad en la que vivo tiene fama de ser muy calurosa, tanto que las ganas de comer, en mi caso sobre todo, disminuyen bastante. me apetecen sobre todo comidas ligeras y frescas, frutas que al mismo tiempo me hidraten, mis comidas son mayormente eso.

la estación del sol y por tanto cada día estoy sacando un poco de tiempo para 'tomar el sol', ponerme morena y darle más vitalidad a mi piel, un poco de color nunca viene mal. mis esenciales cuando tomo el sol son por supuesto una buena crema de sol. ahora estoy usando la crema solar de Avène para la cara, para el resto del cuerpo uso la loción de Hawaiian tropic con spf 30, para acelerar el bronceado uso el tanning oil también de Hawaiian tropic, y como no, después de tomar el sol el gel aftersun con aloe vera de Mercadona.

y por supuesto, leer, leer y leer. disfruto mucho en el puro acto de coger un libro y leer, y además, ahora que los libros que leo los cojo prestados de la biblioteca disruto mucho más. me gusta el hecho de entrar en la biblioteca, perderme entre las estanterias llenas de libros, tantas posiblidades, tan poco tiempo. me gustan las bibliotecas. me gustan los libros. en mi lista de libros a leer tengo cuatro: El Alquimista de Paulo Coelho, La Catedral del Mar, de Idelfonso Falcones, y dos libros que van sobre arquitectura, pero desde una perspectiva diferente que me llama la atención, son Another scale of architecture de Junya Ishigami, y Berlín - Tokio - Tierra y otros escritos de Peter Wilson.

summer days and with them come the summer activities. habits that arise, actions we enjoy doing. today i wanted to share the five habits that i have been doing almost daily these summer days.

for me, this holiday means that i have more time to relax and enjoy life, more free time. i have to regain strength after a long and tough academic year, so i try to sleep at least eight hours a day, i even wake up without an alarm, it is my body that decides.

plenty of sunshine and warm days mean that you have to be hydrated. drink two liters of water daily is a habit that i am glad to be taking. i intend to keep it for as long as it can be, and also i want to stop drinking any other tipe of drinks.

food. healthy food. the city where i live is known to be very hot, while the desire to eat, in my case especially, has decreased enough. and now i especially crave light and fresh foods, fruits, my meals are mostly that.

the season of sun and therefore every day i'm triying to spend some time sunbathing, geting brown and giving more vitality to my skin, a little color never hurts. my essential when sunbathing is of course a good sunscreen. now i'm using the Avene sunscreen for the face, for the rest of the body i use the Hawaiian Tropic SPF 30 lotion, to accelerate the tanning i use the tanning oil also from Hawaiian Tropic, and of course, after taking the sun aftersun gel with aloe vera Mercadona.

and of course, reading, reading and reading. I really enjoy the pure act of picking up a book and read,. i like the act of entering the library, getting lost among the shelves full of books, so many possibilities, so little time. i love libraries. on my list of books to read i have four right now: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, The Cathedral of the Sea of ​​Idelfonso Falcones, and two books that are about architecture, but from a different perspective, are Another scale of architecture of Junya Ishigami, and Berlin - Tokyo - Earth and other writings of Peter Wilson.


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road trip with friends | summer '16

 24 JULY 2016

creo que fue en mi décimo octavo cumpleaños cuando decidí empezar una lista de 'deseos', de objetivos o cosas que quería conseguir a lo largo de mi vida. cada año que cumplía un nuevo objetivo se añadía a la lista. ya son veintidós y contando. de la misma manera en la que yo cambio y evoluciono también lo hace la lista, es algo natural, orgánico. 

a principios de este mes, julio del dos mil dieciséis, me fui en un viaje por carretera con mis buenos amigos de la universidad. fuimos al norte de aragón con la intención de visitar pueblos y parajes naturales, de disfrutar de la naturaleza y del viaje en sí mismo. y así es como conseguí tachar y realizar una cosa de esa lista. lista que podéis ver aquí o en la pestaña de 'life goals' que hay debajo del header del blog.

un viaje de mínimos, fue un logro conseguir encontrar una fecha que nos viniera bien a los seis, además de un destino que se acomodara a nuestro presupuesto y deseos. lo conseguimos y fue una experiencia que guardare con mucho cariño. los pequeños viajes también pueden ser muy intensos. almudévar, alquezar, jaca, canfranc, sos del rey católico fueron los destinos a los que fuimos, disfrutamos de los pueblos y de sus alrededores. de la naturaleza y la civilización.

i think it was in my eighteenth birthday when i decided to start a list of 'wishes', goals or things i wanted to achive during my life. each year a new thing is added to the list. they are already twenty-two and counting. in the same way that i change and evolve so does the list, it is organic.

earlier this month, July of two thousand sixteen, i went on a road trip with my good friends from university. we went up north of Aragon intending to visit villages and natural sites, to enjoy nature and the journey itself. and that's how I got to cross out and make something of that list. a list that you can see here or on the tab 'life goals' beneath the header of the blog.

a trip of minimums, it was an achievement to find a date that fit all of us well, plus a destination that would fit our budget and desires. we got it and it was an experience that i will cherish over the years. small trips can also be very intense. almudévar alquezar, jaca, canfranc, sos del rey católico, were the destinations to which we went, we enjoyed the people and their surroundings. nature and civilization.

sunset at my friend's house in almudevar

the beautiful village of alquezar

still in alquezar

the river in canfranc

the view of the pyrenees

you can also check the travel vlog i made of this beautiful trip. you can't miss all this beautiful scenery!