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The Sea is Calling. TheTemper Trap.

Sometimes words are too much. Sometimes all we want is to be in silence, listening to the sound life wants to offer us, looking in the distance, our eyes melting with the horizon. Sometimes words are not needed and the absence of them becomes our language. Sometimes life in black and white is beautiful, the countryside is better than the city, relaxing while looking at the trees seems the best option. And it's then when we feel, at least for a moment, full. When we feel we are whole and perfect the way we are. I live longing those moments, wishing they found me more often. And I realize it's me who should be looking for them.

source of all the images: AIRES MATEUS, studio of architects.


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Spoken into the Void.

And my Spring Break has started. I have ten days of holidays ahead but if only I could spend all those days doing nothing. How I wish that could happen. For me Spring Break has always been those days where you were able to catch up with undone work, study for exams and get projects done without taking classes. Truth be told that I have always managed to have some free hours where I would do nothing or where I would meet my friends. 

This Spring Breaks is going to be busy, starting with all this books I have and especially want to read so that I get some ideas, some inspirations for my next project. Books with inspiring names, names that make me want to read them, want to live in their world. I've always been a bookworm but since I started university I've not been able to read as many books as I wanted. Now I see that what may have happened is that I have to look for another kind of books. Whether it's because they are more related with architecture topics, or because they have more meaning inside, maybe because they are no longer fiction. I don't actually mind the reason,all I know is that I do love reading this kind of books. 

Take a look to the names of the books I'm going to be reading during this break. One the ebay page you can see what the book talks about.

In Praise of Shadows. Tanizaki. (here on ebay)
Spoken into the Void. Adolf Loos. (here on ebay)
Non-Places. Marc Augé. (here on ebay)
Six Memos for the Next Milennium. Italo Calvino. (here on ebay)
Thinking Architecture. Peter Zumthor. (here on ebay)
Intersections. Luis Martinez Santa-María.
See you soon, Laila.


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بسم لله الرحمان الرحيم
I'm right now really keen on backpacks and oversized handbags. This obssesion comes from my current state as an university student, because I have to carry all the stuff I will need to use during those complete days that I spend at university, staying there for at least 10 good hours. Yes, my days are pretty long. So, since these are something I actually need I want them to be fashionable, stylish and of course have a good quality.

This backpack had it all. I love the colour, the size (you can put inside a 15" laptop), the pockets. I love everything. Even if it's price goes around $65 (like 70€), I was ready and going to save money only to buy it. I knew it was worth it. I still know it's worth it. You have this backpack in four more colours (Charcoal, Sand, Navy and Burgundy).

What happened then? Going through the website, reading about the brand, and its conditions, I found out that they didn't ship internationally. The shipping was only available for USA and Canada. That hurts. That was heartbreaking. They say they will make it available soon. I don't know how much they will take but I do know that whenever I'm able, I will be buying this. It's a basic, something I will use every single day. Literally. So spending money on quality products doesn't hurt me.

So since I am not able to have one by now I will talk to you about the brand, if you live in the States or Canada lucky you since you are amongst the fortunates that can buy it. If you aren't but still like the products, well, I guess patience is the key.

This  is what the brand: EVERLANE, says about the backpack.
Reverse denim, 100% leather details. Water-resistant khaki twill lining. Approx. 13” L x 6” W x 18” H. Padded laptop sleeve fits 15” Macbook. Spot Clean. Please note: This bag is made using pure indigo dye that gives it a one-of-a-kind coloring, which might rub off on light colored surfaces.
We took one of our favorite canvas backpacks and transformed it using reverse denim and khaki twill. Both practical and stylish, the bag features a water-resistant lining on the inside, and leather details throughout. 
 The brand, EVERLANE, is based in San Francisco but they also have a team working in New York, The group is "held together by a shared passion for pushing boundaries and challenging conventions."

What I also love about this brand is their blog, their tumblr blog. As I've seen, it's full of inspiration, beautiful landscapes, beautiful and (evocante) architecture. Yes, architecture, which is great for me right now. So here are some tags that I specially love on the blog. But of course, you have to check it all.

And here is the link of the website.

And of course let me know in the comments what you like and don't like about the backpack, the brand in general and of course, the great source of inspiration that it's their blog.

see you soon, Laila


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OOTD|| Details.

          nail polish  Kiko nº 389
            rings  HandM
                   trench  Pull and Bear
            shirt  vintage
                                                         statement necklace   a gift 

This morning I went downtown to buy some stationary for the new project that I'm embarking in, some notebooks to collect the ideas as they come to my mind, and of course, pencils, of all shapes. So this is what I wore this morning. I decided that the statement necklace would be the touch of colour to my outfit, especially since the rest is black and white. I chose a shirt with some boats as a stamp, and because of that the necklace is the only one who drags the attention. And of course the trenchcoat. This Spring, as all Springs, it's going to be a statement piece for me, myself and my style.

xoxo, Laila.

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7 minute workout

In the post I wrote talking about my 2014's goals, I prefer the word goal rather than resolution, the first goal I set to be accomplished this year was working out, making that as an habit that will stay with me for ever. Truth be told that since the new year has started I been failing, one time after another, I failed trying to make working out became one of my daily routines. I tried schedules, that were set for a month, that I found in fitness websites as popsugarfit, I tried youtube videos with rutines that lasted for ten minutes (gym virtual, popsugarfit),  I tried 30 day challenges of squats, crunchs, I tried running... But nothing of that worked for me, sometimes it was too much, other times I couldn't do it since I didn't have a schedule for my workouts, other times was my lack of finding a proper timing during the day. 

I failed more than once but after every time I tried again with something different.

I started a new different thing, once again. I wont give up.

I'm a bit afraid of sharing this with the world since I have just started and it may become another fail to record but I've been told that if you share the things you want to acomplish, whether it's with your family, friends or social media, you will feel the pressure of not failing them. And since I have a feeling that this will help me, that this will last and turn to be a routine, and habit, I'm sharing it with you. 

What's this that made me believe that finally I found the "trick" to turn working out into an habit? An app called 7 minute workout , it's an app that is based on HICT, a high intensity circuit training. It only takes you about 7 minutes and it consists on 12 exerises. You can set the times you want to do the circuits (up to 6 times), set  the time of each exercise (up to 60 sec) and also set how much the breaks between time last (up to 30 sec). 

I love that the escersices are already set ( jumping jacks, wall sit, push-up, abdominal crunch, step-up onto chair, squat, triceps dip on chair, plank, high knees/running, lunge, push-up and rotation, side plank) and that you are able to see the times of each exercise. It's more easy for me to go to this app rather than surfing on youtube looking for workout videos, it's more accesible, and it even has an alarm to remind you of doing the circuit each day. 

I'm planning on doing this routine every day in the morning (in sha Allah), I will start with doing the circuit one time and will eventually upgrade to two, three etc. 

I really hope this helps me with my workout issues, and that it works and I will be able to workout every day with out feeling lazy or procastinating. Hope it will help you all too!

see you soon, Laila


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I'm right now going to *finally* present the project in which I've been working for two months, designing a house in Bidart (France), I'm feeling too many things at the same time. I'm relaxed and tired, nervous but also calm. Whatever happends I don't regret anything I've done, I've learnt so many things about architecture but also about life. This is something that doesn't end here, there is still a long road ahead of me. But today, the day in which the third project of my second year of university is due, I'm feeling happy.

Enjoy the Black and White inspirational pictures.  xx, Laila.